Finally, I got around to do this. I’ve been willing to remodel my old blog for a long time, and somehow this was just never a priority, or in fact, I was too lazy to do it.

I wonder how people who know how to do these things feel when they finish some sort of a project. They might just be content or relieved. They might look at the finish product and think to themselves: “Thank God! This was taking tooooo long!”. Well, not me. I’m a monkey when it comes to HTML, CSS, JNH, UYKTT, and so on. I just keep applying the trial and error mode and that’s how I go about with most things in my life. It doesn’t work well for cooking recipes, though.

Oh well, never mind. I’m old enough to just dust it off my shoulder with a pinch of “WHO cares?”.

I have made a huge effort to be born, so here I am. It all might change a little here and there, but consider me done.


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